Marketing Mastermind w/NLP Trainer, TV personality, and you?

Below is an email I sent out today. I decided to extend the offer beyond just my list and let you join the party. Let me know what you think:

Today's note is for you if are in business or interested in starting a business online. Keep doing what you're doing if you don't want to learn how to earn more.

(Impatient, like me? Click here. )

My good friend Dr. Letitia Wright is the person I run to when I've got any questions about traditional media such as TV, radio, film, etc. (Over the last 10 years, she's grown her own cable TV show that now goes out to well over 4 million homes in the LA area, so she knows what she's doing with media.)

When she set up a 10 Week PR Challenge last fall I jumped at the chance to learn more about interacting with the media. ( )

She and I both know the power of learning from those who have gone before us as well as the power of collaboration and accountability.

When the chance to study with one of the "old time" masters of marketing came along we both took notice. The master I'm talking about is Marlon Sanders, the man who has documented that 1 in 102 people with Internet access had accessed one of his websites, those same sites that have resulted in multitudes of sales of his products!

Marlon is hosting a 6-week "Round Table" series where he shows his computer screen and walks us through the "secret sauce" he's used to get all those visitors and those sales.

Find out more about Marlon's offer.

Now, Marlon only promises that we'll have a personalized plan for going from "nothing" to "something" and scaling that up to whatever amount you can dare to dream.

After Marlon's part ends most people will be left on their own to implement their plan. Most of them will do nothing.

Dr. Wright and I have come up with a plan to make sure you are one who puts that plan into action and gets things done!

When you join Marlon's Round Table through the link in this message, you'll be able to join Dr. Wright, myself, and the other action takers we've associated ourselves with in an additional 6-week mastermind group to implement our personalized plans from master Marlon.

This is the perfect opportunity for you if you've signed up for any courses in the past and either didn't finish the materials or got through it all and just never got it going.

As part of the mastermind you'll get access to my upcoming group coaching "24 hour TRANCE" where I help people break old patterns, get out of that trance, and get things done!

Besides, when are you going to get access to three masters of their trades for such a small investment?

Master of marketing, master of media, and master of motivation.

Join the masters!

Click that link, find out what Marlon's offering, and join us before the calls/webinars with Marlon start next week!

Now, go out and create a great day!

Wayne Buckhanan
"Change the world from the inside out!"

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