There are many opportunities to learn with Mercs. Below are the upcoming events as well as the on demand courses available at the moment. If you don't see one of our courses scheduled that you'd like to sponsor in your area, please contact us through the support desk.

August, 2014
- [self-paced, online] Sound Like You Mean Business, voice impact training (delivered through Udemy)
- [live, online] Belief Builder and Buster course, changing limiting beliefs conversationally

September, 2014
- [self-paced, online] "Secret Sales Weapon", objection handling in business and in life
- [private] 4MAT Instructional Design primer
- [live, online] Accessing Personal Genius online

October, 2014
- [live, online] Coaching Essentials online

November, 2014
- [live, online] Persuasive (Copy) Writing online
- [live, CA] Communication Essentials, Nov 23-25, Napa Valley, CA

December, 2014
- [live, CA] Accessing Personal Genius, Dec 16-18, Napa Valley, CA

January, 2015
- [live, online] Tension Management for Productivity online

February, 2015
- [self-paced, online] NLP Essentials online

March, 2015
- [live, CA] 4MAT Instructional Design, 2-day intensive, Napa Valley, CA
- [live, CA][pending confirmation] Self-Leadership, Colin Cox & Lena Gray, 3-day, Napa Valley, CA
- [live, CA][pending confirmation] Challenging Conversations, Colin Cox, 1-day, Napa Valley, CA

Not currently scheduled:
- NS-NLP Practitioner certification
- Path of Self Discovery
- Psychographic Copywriting
- Creativity on Demand
- "Personality" Factors at Work in Motivation
- Accelerated Learning Techniques
- Online and Hybrid Course Development
- Procrastinate Tomorrow
- Whirlwind Writing / Content Creation Challenge
- Influence with Integrity
- Agile Business Development
- Software Development basics
- Laser Focus Mindset

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