Happy Heart Day!

I've been spending the day playing with my darling children and during lulls in the LOLs I've been pondering certain little children and their families who will be just as joyful for their own "heart day" funded on this "heart day."

My friend Dr.Mani is continually raising awareness for congenital heart defects and he always leverages the obvious holiday: St. Valentine's Day / CHD Awareness Day. This year Dr.Mani has two things happening on the auspicious day -- one for business owners and one for those who want to use their passion to make big things happen.

Business Boosting Pack from Dr.ManiBusiness owners (and those who want to be business owners) can take advantage of a business boosting pack and know that the profits from the sale are going directly to fund children's heart surgeries. I picked up my copy of this bundle during a special last year and can highly recommend it. The smaller bundle gets you 8+ ebooks including Dr.Mani's seminal Think, Write & Retire for the price of Think, Write & Retire alone. (And TWR is worth it on it's own!)

The larger bundle has all of that plus two additional products that are, in my opinion, the main reasons to take advantage of this special. Ezine ANTI Marketing and 5x Profits SYSTEM, like TWR, contain much of Dr.Mani's hard-won wisdom for selling products online. I love his contrarian advice in the Ezine ANTI Marketing product -- you don't need a huge list if you build relationships with your small list!

47 Hearts - Passion into actionThe other special today is for those with passion that has not necessarily translated into action as well as you would like, or who would just like to help fund a child's heart surgery with a few dollars. Dr.Mani has decided to launch his book "47 Hearts" on the Kindle ebook platform and has several additional reports as gifts for picking up your copy today.

I have had a copy of 47 Hearts for quite a while and I obviously needed to re-read it since I was blown away again by the great advice on each page. I really believe that anyone with even a little passion for something bigger than themselves can benefit from this book -- and periodically revisiting it.

Oh, and even though this is published on Kindle, there are a number of options even without a Kindle device. Amazon has apps for iPhone, Blackberry, Android, desktop, etc. Also, Dr.Mani will cheerfully send you a PDF version of the book after you send him a copy of your receipt.

I also realized that there are people who want to help Dr.Mani's work but may not have the $3 to spend on 47 Hearts. If you don't have the money, but have half an hour, you can still help fund a child's heart surgery! (Oh, and the bonus reports from Dr.Mani will help prevent not having the money in the future if you apply them and the 47 Hearts principles.)

Rather appropriately, the solution I came up with is also through Amazon. You may not be aware of Amazon's Mechanical Turk program. Mechanical Turk is a platform for businesses to request tasks, "HITs" in their terms. These tasks are small things that a computer can't do easily, but a person can. So, MT allows the business owner to treat the turk as if it were a computer, but people perform the tasks.

Why Mechanical Turk is relevant is this, they pay people to perform these HITs. Depending on the task and the business each HIT can pay $0.01 and up. Checking just now, I saw HITs up to $7 each. Now, the $7 HIT involved up to 3 hours, a phone, and some French language skills, so not everyone could easily perform that one. I did, however, see several that paid around $2 for "testing a website" that were 10-20 minutes max. Oh, and as a bonus, they deposit the payments directly into your Amazon.com account, so then you can buy 47 Hearts without any shuffling of funds.

So, there are your choices for how to help some little hearts today.
Dr.Mani's Business Booster Pack and/or 47 Hearts - How To Live Your Dreams With Passion, Purpose & Persistence!