Stupid, Addicted, or Just Avoidance/Resistance?

Ryan Healy recently wrote a couple articles that came to mind today:
Why People are Addicted to Info-Products
Is the Internet Making Us Stupid?

Today has been an S.O.S. day (Shiny Object Syndrome). And just like the mariner in distress that SOS means I need help. (Because I feel rather stupid and addicted!)

I realized I was looking for my "hit" by refreshing email, twitter, facebook, and not doing the things I wanted to get done today. So I focused that "nervous energy" into writing this blog post. This has a few positive results.

The first positive result is that I have now created more content, which is one of my tasks for every day. I just happened to get it done earlier today than I usually schedule my content creation.

Second positive result, I will have a legitimate reason to go on a social media site (to post a link to this blog post) and then get off. If I go with no specific outcome in mind, I end up idling on twitter following random links I tagged earlier for follow up.

Third positive, I'm getting a hit of my own personal mix of neurochemical "happy juice" from several aspects. I love creating, so I get a hit there. I am getting something done ahead of schedule, so I get a hit there. I have a small win to celebrate, so I get a hit there.

And the biggest positive result, as far as I'm concerned, is that I've just done something productive rather than succumbing to the Resistance (as Steven Pressfield calls it in The War of Art) and I've won a small battle against Avoidance (as T. Falcon Napier calls it).