CookieMonster-plus Translation Tool from Mercs LLC

This tool is a companion to the CookieMonster-plus plugin to allow you to plug in an "old" style tag that included a [cookiename] shortcode and get back the "new" style using a [cmp_tag] shortcode with three parameters.

Since WordPress version 4.2.3, the ability to put a shortcode in an HTML tag has been disabled for security reasons. It is strongly recommended you update your version of CookieMonster-plus as well as your WordPress install.

To use this tool

Enter a complete HTML tag from < to > that contains a CookieMonster-plus [cookie] shortcode. Click the "Translate ->" button and you should have an updated shortcode in the form of [cmp_tag "before" cookie "after"]. This will "reconstitute" a tag starting with "before", fill in the value of cookie, append "after", and close the tag with a />.

Copy your results from the second box and paste them back into the WordPress editor under the "Text" mode.

If you have any questions, concerns, or kudos (including case studies sharing how you're using the plugin), please visit the Mercs Support Desk and leave sufficient details for me to address it.

Thanks and enjoy!


P.S. All the translation takes place in your browser on your computer. The only thing that I record is that someone clicked "Translate". None of your data goes anywhere. If you still wish to translate to the new format, but not use this form, you can read the instructions on the main CookieMonster-plus page.



<input name="email" type="email" class="moonray-form-input" id="mr-field-element-284" required value="[email]" placeholder/>
[cmp_tag "input name='email' type='email' class='moonray-form-input' id='mr-field-element-284' required value='" email "' placeholder"]