Custom WordPress Theme

Do you need a WordPress custom theme for your business?

Your business depends on the individuals in your intended market knowing, liking, and trusting you enough to invest with you. Everything your business does, or doesn't do, communicates something to your intended market.

Beyond the words on the screen, your web site tells your target audience a lot about how serious you are about being in business. If you list an email address, you're not serious about business. If you use the sample web design that came with your hosting account, you're not serious about business. If you've got a site design that prompts them to take action and is pleasing to the eye, you're serious about business and probably doing better than your competitors.

We at Mercs not only develop custom WordPress themes that please the eye of the business owner. We also use every tool of the trade to create a consistent and pleasing experience for the members of your intended market.

Contact us about starting your custom WordPress theme today.