Business Planning Gratitude

It is amazing to me what a little gratitude can do and how much difference a lot of gratitude can make. I wasn't raised sending thank you cards, so I am having to be intentional as an adult -- sometimes with more success than others.

Last week I developed an internal editorial calendar and, thankfully, it was prompted by a desire to be more intentional in expressing gratitude. What specifically prompted it was connecting with @TimBerry on twitter.

Tim is the president and founder of Palo Alto Software who makes the best business planning software I've ever seen. So what does that have to do with gratitude? I've gotten two great gifts from Tim over the last few years: a copy of Business Plan Pro and an hour of his time, both in connection with the McCloskey business plan competition.

Not only can I recommend the company's software, but I highly recommend connecting with Tim as he is articulate, experienced, and an all around nice guy -- especially when it comes to business topics.

And as I continue to practice my gratitude, we can all thank Tim for the inspiration -- unintentional or not!

Who are you grateful to today? Share below in the comments.